Why Choose Attorney Flessas?

Robert Flessas has been an attorney since 1990 with his office located in Pewaukee and serving the Wisconsin counties of Milwaukee and Waukesha. Attorney Flessas handles both new divorces and post-divorce contempt issues. He’ll effectively represent your best interest during the entire processĀ  – all at a reasonable fee.

As part of his divorce practice, Attorney Flessas incorporates his expertise in the areas of real estate, contract law and bankruptcy, providing added value to his divorce clients.

How do these other practice areas relate to divorce?

Marital Home (Real Estate Law)

Many couples seeking divorce own a marital home and sometimes, investment property. Real property (real estate) is subject to division according to Wisconsin marital property law. Attorney Flessas understands real estate law, not only as a real estate attorney, but with his 32 years of real estate brokerage experience. He knows the value of real estate, how to deal with real estate brokers, title companies, inspections, defects and working with other professionals associated with a real estate transaction.

When there is equity in the home, just like any other marital asset, home equity must be divided. Methods to achieve division include one spouse refinancing the property and paying the other spouse their share of the equity. Another method is the complete sale of the real estate and disbursing the equity at closing to each spouse.

Use of Attorney Flessas’ real estate experience plays a major role when a marital residence, or investment property, becomes part of the divorce.

Marital Settlement Agreement (Contract Law)

Contract law is another important component in divorce, not only in dealing with a martial real estate transaction, but in the final agreement that sets forth the terms of the divorce.

The Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is the contract between both spouses that governs any post-divorce issues. The MSA governs the terms of the divorce, including asset distribution, retirement account equalization, child placement and support, and maintenance. Knowledge of contract law is essential because once a post-divorce issue surfaces, the MSA contract is the go-to document.

Marital Debt (Bankruptcy Law)

Divorce also contemplates the division of debt. Massive debt plays a big role in destroying a marriage. Debt is also allocated in the MSA. Attorney Flessas’ bankruptcy experience provides a strategic advantage for his divorce clients. Questions: Should the debt be eliminated before or after the divorce? Was the debt created during the marriage? Does debt allocated to one spouse return to haunt the other spouse after the divorce?

Divorce always includes the interrelation of multiple areas of the law. Clients of Attorney Robert Flessas know and benefit from his experience.